Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Gamme complete de tuyaux PVC <<SANS Plomb>>. Utilisation des tuyaux en plastique pour l'eau potable en tenant compte de la sante des Mauriciens.
Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Now available locally.  Manufactured by PPP Piping Systems Ltd

Humber Institute of Technology & Advance learning - Canada

Profile of Mr Ron DotzKo a professional lecturer from Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning of Toronto Canada

Since year 2010, Pipe Technology Center is providing training courses in plumbing with full support of Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning of Toronto Canada. In this connection Mr Ron DotzKo, an experienced & professional trainer from the said institute provided a “train the trainer course” for six weeks to PTC tutors in September 2010.

The purpose of this course was to enhance our in-house trainers to world class plumbing techniques, installation methods inside/outside buildings. The sessions emphasized on both theory and practice on Improved plumbing techniques in water supply, drainage and sewerage.

The motive of PTC is to have a proper hygienic toxin free plumbing system for storage and water carriage meeting the prescribed norms by World Health Organisation. In order to reach this goal, qualified and experienced personnel in the plumbing sector is a sine-qua-non condition. This can only be achieved by constantly providing proper and adequate training to our trainers who will in return pass the same knowledge to the trainees in the plumbing and piping field.

PTC is the unique “plastic piping systems installation” training center in Mauritius bearing recognition from Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning who outlines such sound and proven plumbing design and installation methods as described in the National Plumbing code in Canada and guide to Plumbing of the Ontario Building Code.