Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Gamme complete de tuyaux PVC <<SANS Plomb>>. Utilisation des tuyaux en plastique pour l'eau potable en tenant compte de la sante des Mauriciens.
Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Now available locally.  Manufactured by PPP Piping Systems Ltd

Mission Statement

Our Vision
To remain the number one plastic piping training centre in Mauritius

a) Remain the ultimate training centre by continually providing up to date technology and standards in such field.
Encouraging Trainees to attend on-going local seminars organised and presented by our overseas partners in the field of plastic piping systems.

b) Raise awareness of the individual Plumber on good practices of Plumbing after completing the course.
We shall encourage our Trainees for feedback from their working sites after the course.

c) Create a Plumber’s Club to affiliate the increasing number of trainees. This motive is to promote recognition of the plastic pipe plumbing business to a National/ International level and launch the National plumbing code as existed in most developed countries.
We shall encourage all stakeholders viz public and private sectors to participate in elaborating in the documentation of the National plumbing code.

- To provide state of the art training in the installation of plastic piping systems in accordance to applicable International standards.

- To deliver in a most user-friendly environment and is consisted of both theory and practical sessions.

- By emphasising on safety of personnel involved in the installation of plastic piping systems.

- To participate in the "MID" (Maurice Ile Durable) project by demonstrating in real practice and by inculcating in our trainees the techniques on how to save water through correct design and dimensioning of the piping systems with our skilled human resources.