Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Gamme complete de tuyaux PVC <<SANS Plomb>>. Utilisation des tuyaux en plastique pour l'eau potable en tenant compte de la sante des Mauriciens.
Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Now available locally.  Manufactured by PPP Piping Systems Ltd

Company Overview

Pipe Technology Center (PTC) forms part of the PPP Group of companies headquartered in Bell Village Mauritius. PPP Group is itself an offshoot of the widely respected Desbro Group of Companies mainly involved in the manufacturing and/ or distribution of pipes, fittings, welded mesh steel products and chemicals for the different sectors of the Mauritian economy.

PTC was launched in 2008 to provide training for the best practice in the installation of plastic piping systems. The training courses target Plumbers, Engineers, Consultants and the Public at large to become more knowledgeable with plastic piping materials starting from the processing of raw materials, its production and the proper handling of the final product. PTC benefits from a continuous support from all Group companies (mainly manufacturing facilities) in order to keep up with latest trends and technologies in the plastic piping industry.

The centre has already conducted successful training sessions for more than 400 participants during its first batch. Most of the participants were from the Technical department of the Central Water Authority and others came from local Contractors. The course was also run for the benefit of RWC (Rodrigues Water Company). PTC has as well proposed its services to SIT (Seychelles Institute Technology).

The second module was conducted in collaboration with the Humber College Institute of Technology and advanced learning – CANADA (School of Apprenticeship) in March 2010.

Our training courses have also been extended to unskilled school leavers and unemployed person to empower them with the necessary expertise in the field of plastic piping systems.