Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Gamme complete de tuyaux PVC <<SANS Plomb>>. Utilisation des tuyaux en plastique pour l'eau potable en tenant compte de la sante des Mauriciens.
Posted on 04 Jul 2014
Now available locally.  Manufactured by PPP Piping Systems Ltd

Tech approach & methods

Pipe Technology Center (PTC) has been organising training courses on water supply, drainage, sewerage and venting of plastic piping systems installed inside and outside buildings and courses involved in the assembly of Polyethylene piping systems using the Electrofusion method.

The continuous development which prevailed in the country had a direct impact on the situation within the industry. Hence, improvements in the construction sector created more need for qualified plastic piping systems professionals. The company reacted to the evolving economical landscape to satisfy the market demand. This was an ideal opportunity for PTC to share its technical knowhow and years of experience in the plumbing sector. The courses we offer were tailor-made to meet the market requirements. It is with much pride and humbleness that we put on record being the unique training institution offering such courses.

In our Endeavour for continuous improvement, PTC is offering to integrate both the “Electro Fusion of Polyethylene” and the “Improved plumbing Techniques on water supply, drainage and sewerage in plastic piping systems inside buildings” as the “ Plumbing Apprenticeship for water supply, drainage and sewerage in plastic piping systems inside/ outside building”. This all-in-one compacted course is designed to provide the apprentice involved in plastic piping sector with the best practices and required knowledge to master the techniques for a reliable and properly vented, leak proof assembly of the plastic piping system outside and inside buildings.

The proposed tailor-made offer is designed to prepare the unemployed youth of both gender in this particular sector. However sessions are targeted for trainees who must be able to understand and write English and French.

On completion of the tailor-made assignment the apprentice should be able to:

Put into practice the correct handling & installation of the outside and inside building piping material.

Understand the basic improvement concepts, the “Why’s” and the “How’s” of the outside and inside building piping systems.

Understand and be able to calculate the pipe sizing systems for the water supply and drainage/ sewerage piping systems.

Put into practice the correct handling, operation and self-maintaining of the Friamat Electro Fusion Machine.

Understand by visualizing the DTV (Drain, Trap and Vent) simulator on how the effect of the drain wastewater can affect trap seal of other sanitary fixtures within the same installation.

Improve on the quality of the outside building piping work on site; based on the practical sessions from the workshop provided in the course.

Understand the standard hydrostatic pressure field test of a completed assembly of outside building of PE Piping systems and the inside building drainage/ sewerage piping systems.

Make a self-assessment on their understanding of the training/ workshop through ‘Question and Answer' session